Now To Look!

Well, sometimes things happen and it is a good way to learn a lesson.

This whole thing with my finger injury has taught me that I need to find a new doctor. A few years ago I had a wonderful doctor! Then he retired. I mean, he earned it. And he should enjoy life. But . . couldn’t he have cloned himself so Copy 2 could keep doctoring? 🙂

Anyway, when this whole injury incident happened, I started at Urgent Care. Ten days later, when I was ending my antibiotic and still couldn’t bend my finger, I went in to the doctor’s office. She forcibly bent my finger, causing a great bit of pain, and she wanted to shrug the whole thing off. At my urging for further exploration an x-ray was ordered. Personally I thought that was a waste of time. It didn’t feel like a bone problem, and the lack of movement didn’t seem to point to bones. But, ok, I was going to go along with it. A comment was made at that appointment that the issue could be arthritis. I may have rolled my eyes, I don’t remember. I’ve never known a cat’s tooth to inject arthritis . .

Anyway, the x-ray came and went. I found the results online and called the doctor’s office to ask for further tests, since the x-ray showed nothing bone related. Two phone calls and two days later I did get a MRI ordered. I went in for the MRI today and part of the order from my doctor’s office mentioned infection – seriously? The only time an infection was an issue was when I went to Urgent Care and got the antibiotic – that I took for all 10 days, even when it was making me feel icky!

When I got back today from the MRI, I called the hand doctor that I was referred to; per a message from my doctor’s office sent to me yesterday that they had referred me. The hand specialist office told me that they couldn’t see me and I should go to ER if I was still having an infection issue! I had to take a deep breath before describing what was happening once again. She said the referral did not note the lack of movement issue. I am thankful that I called them because they weren’t going to call me. She said she had advised my doctor’s office that they couldn’t help me, before knowing that I haven’t been able to bend my finger.

Tonight I am thankful that I have learned to look for another office. I need to go somewhere that will not only listen to me, but believe me when I speak. It is ridiculous that now, almost three weeks after the incident I still have to defend that there is an actual problem here . . and no, the problem is not infection!

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