The Parts

When a person thinks of Christmas, there are always certain traditions or memories that pop in to a heart. There were some years when I clung tight to the traditions and the expectations that I had to make a “successful” Christmas season. Lately there have been more years when I appreciate the Christmasey things that we have, with the ones I love around me.

Somewhere along the line I gave up on a lot of the expectations of the season. Don’t get me wrong, there are still traditions that I love! But I made a decision not to feel incomplete if we didn’t get to all the “things” of the season.

For instance, this year there are many things left that we could do. If we get to them, great! If not, I’ll be happy with my family here!

See this bathroom? My darling kiddo put the bows and Christmas lights up weeks ago. And they look so festive!! We didn’t put up the shower curtain until tonight. And I love it too!

Tonight I am thankful for all of the Christmas-ey things in small and large amounts! I hope you take time to relax and enjoy as little or as much as your heart’s desire this season!!

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