It’s Christmas Eve-Eve!!! AHHH!! How Exciting!!

Some kiddos and I went out today and ran some of the last-minute Christmas errands! We had a small emergency that a friend helped fix AND helped clean up – for which I am truly thankful!

Tomorrow there is some present dropping off to be done tomorrow. Then some celebrating!!! I absolutely love Christmas Eve! There have been many Christmases when my secret favorite was Christmas Eve over the actual Christmas. As a kid, Christmas Eve was always at my grandparent’s house. And I have been so blessed to selfishly still have my grandma around for Christmas Eve; and un-selfishly provide Christmas Eve with grandparents for my kiddos!

Tonight I hope you are all in a good space for Christmas to be here! And if you aren’t, I am going to leave you with a suggestion – give yourself a Christmas present and let all you’ve done so far be enough – enough for you and enough for those around you. Give love and then some more love and know that you are giving the best of your heart this Christmas! ❤️

P.S. – the fire just looks neat, so I included it in the blog 🙂

P.P.S. – if it helps to share – one thing I am being nice to myself about is Christmas Cards. I haven’t finished them yet. They’ll be in the mail tomorrow 😊 Oops!

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