Three Elves

One of these years I’ll wrap presents as I buy them. This wasn’t the year for that!

With moving and an injured hand on top of other life things, I have been counting my blessings for every Christmas thing that we have done this season!! I was quite happy to have Christmas shopping done!

So here we were, Christmas Eve and no presents were wrapped. Looked like it would be another Christmas Eve with no sleep. Except . .

Tonight I am thankful that we had an extra elf in the house tonight!! Three elves certainly wrap faster than one elf!
*Disclaimer – there are usually two elves, myself and the hubster. And he usually falls asleep. He had more motivation to stay awake tonight with the extra elf here helping!
P.S. I borrowed this elf picture from the internet!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

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