I finally finished The Santa Clause new mini-series thing with Tim Allen. I liked it. I think it should have been a movie, personally. But what I really like is that it focuses on giving being better than receiving.

The first Christmas was the biggest gift of all. We went to the candlelight service last night. Sitting there, listening to the songs and looking at my babies, it touched my heart again the love that God has for us. I could never give my children for the sins of others. I always know that God loves me and you. But sometimes it hits my heart in a deeper way.

I’ve had four babies. I’ve held them in my arms and breathed them in; with every hope for them to live wonderful lives filled with so much love and happiness. I’ve prayed for them, for God to keep them safe, to touch their hearts, and to guide their hearts. My prayer to God is to keep and protect my children; while he gave his child for me and you. Let that sink in.

Tonight I am thankful for God’s gift of Jesus. I am thankful for Christmas. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for all of you! And I am thankful for being able to give to others – that really is more fun than receiving! ❤️

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