The In-Between

In our house, we don’t take Christmas decorations down right away. When that has been done in past years, I get sad. So we haven’t done that in a long time. The tree stays up until at least New Year’s. Then the decorations slowly come down. It is just too great of a season to be done with in a day!

I do start to mentally prepare. Today we went after-Christmas shopping and bought some great things at 50% off! I also bought a planner. I’m not good with planners honestly. But, that doesn’t mean that I should stop trying! And I have some brave new things that I want to accomplish in 2023! So I’ll try to start out organized, and have an organized structure to return to when I lose my way. And, I’ll lose my way. Organization is not my strong suite! Although, I have come along way over the years.

Tonight I am thankful for our week of holiday transitioning in our house. Today had a little Christmas stuff mixed in with other Monday stuff.
OOOH, and I found Christmas Vacation candies! I hadn’t seen these this whole season! How great is this at a discounted price!?!?

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