Comfort Potato

I’ll be honest, I was warding off nervousness for today’s doctor’s appointment by preparing to battle. I don’t like to be nervous; so I focus my efforts on preparation instead.

It has been one month since the incident with the cat biting my finger. And I still can’t bend my finger or use it to hold things. I’ve gotten used to not using this finger, but it still wears my hand and wrist out easily. I wore a brace all of Christmas day. On a regular day, I only use a brace sparingly.

Ok, so I was preparing. I jotted down the important dates, the antibiotics, the lack of any other symptoms; and I printed out the the x-ray and MRI results. I did a little more research online. And I was off.

I am happy to report that I didn’t have to battle. We had a good discussion where I felt listened to. And I have a referral to a new hand specialist!

Then I had to back to work. Typing two reports wore out my hand. The nerves of the morning before my appointment wore out my emotions. My brain is getting tired by association!

Tonight I am thankful for comfort food for dinner! I gave myself permission today to acknowledge the daily wear and tear this has taken on me. I mean, of course I’ve known it – but I haven’t told myself that it was ok. I’ve whines, I’ve gotten mad, I’ve tried to ignore it. Today I told myself that I’ve been doing pretty good moving thru life with this extra thing pushing against me. When it came time for dinner, comfort food sounded like a good thing to intentionally indulge in after admitting I’ve been being pretty tough! Now I’m gonna go curl up in my blankey with my kitty – also deserving for some down time from this “staying strong” stuff. Tonight I get comfort to rebuild strength! Good night everyone!

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