Lots of years ago today I was a little nervous. I was quite pregnant with my second child and I didn’t think this kid liked me. He would be moving, I would put my hand on my belly, and he would stop moving.

I mean I wasn’t super nervous. I was sure I could convince a baby to like me, especially since I was his meal ticket! But, it tore at my heart a little to think that he didn’t want me to touch him. Then he was here, in my arms, and I laughed at myself for how wrong I was! This kid loved to cuddle! He wasn’t hiding from my touch, he was relaxing with it!

Now he has grown up quite a bit. He is taller than me and has been for some time. Although I remember when he stopped holding my hand, one of his languages will always be touch. And sometimes I take a moment to savor those moments when he still relaxes with Momma. Even those times he may not realize what he is doing, like in the picture. ❤️

Tonight I am thankful for all of my kiddos, obviously! And with this one having a birthday tomorrow, I am super thankful for him being my son and for the wonderful man he is growing to be.

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