Do Better

The new year can be a good reminder to reset life practices. I’ve known for the past few weeks that our family was looking at some resets! At the top of that list is our grocery/eating out.

Yesterday I wrote a dinner plan for January. Today the kiddos and I went to Aldi’s and Walmart. Later two kiddos went to Meijer. Between all the stores we got everything on the list, including gluten free foods and low carb foods. Kiddos were told to think of lunches. Of course my four teenagers picked lots of snacks too!

This is not a resolution. I have no goals of following 365 days of menus or 52 weeks of consistent shopping. I mean, it’d be cool and all. But, it’s not a major 2023 defining goal. Sometimes just having a plan to do better is what life needs. And 2023 starting is our reminder to reset our practices and do better!

Tonight I am thankful for successful shopping trips with my kiddos! Firstly, I love anytime that I get to have all my kiddos with me. I know this is getting more scarce and I treasure every moment! Secondly, I am glad we have the plan and the food to be successful with our eating reset!

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