I am doing a little work and listening to Dave Ramsey. His caller lost their job and she is thinking of taking a drastic paycheck. She had lost her hope. Losing a job will do that to a person! Very understandable.

Dave’s advice was a heartfelt pep-talk to not minimize her worth. He suggested maybe taking a job delivering pizzas until she can find a job in her specialty that will pay her what she is worth! By the end of the call, she had a sprout of hope growing, you could hear it in her voice ❤️

With today being the start of the new year, I pray you find and/or maintain your hope. The start of this blog was a step of faith and hope. It has been twelve years now. Twelve!! This blog started as a one year experiment for me. I had been thru a rough patch of life for well over a year. We had made it thru the rough patch, and were in the calm that followed. That is when all of the emotions of what we had just went thru had landed on me. I knew, I KNEW that I had so many blessings around me. But, I didn’t feel like it. I felt like there was a dark raincloud in my heart. So I had decided that for 365 days I was going to sit down every night and write this blog. I wouldn’t just be naming a thinkg that I was thankful for, I would be delving in to it enough to write a blog. I wanted the good stuff to cement in my heart. I wanted to feel the goodness that I had in my life. And, I figured I would be more consistent if I had to answer to people of the internet 🙂 And this has truly changed my heart! Hence, the continuation of this blog over a decade later!

Tonight I am thankful for hope. I am thankful for God’s blessings in our lives. And I am thankful that if you look for blessings, you will find them ❤️

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