My mom told me about a time when she was a newly-single mom of two kids. Money was tight and she wasn’t sure how she was going to make it. At the time she smoked (bad mommy!). She looked at the money situation and decided she wasn’t going to smoke anymore. And that was that.

This was one of the many examples that I was blessed to grow up with on how to be a good parent. A good parent loves their kiddos. And what is it to love? Amongst other things, “love is not self-seeking”. And this is what I grew up living. My Mom was great with boundaries (I’m still working on that). She had her relaxing baths and times of the day when she would not do things. Self-preservation is different than self-seeking, mind you.

So, I have tried my very best to parent and love my kiddos. For almost two decades I have become whatever these kiddos needed. During this time, I have had some ideas in my head that I wanted to do just for me. But with listening to my heart and prayer, I knew it wasn’t time yet.

2022 was the start of some changes for our family. 2023 will be wrapping up some of the 2022 changes and I’m sure 2023 will bring new changes as well. One of the most exciting changes for me will be writing a book, considerably bigger than the Christmas book I did a few weeks ago! I have been waiting for the right time. And I am here! The Christmas book was written to be done in a short time frame. My next book will be written properly.

Tonight I am thankful that 2023 is time to do something I have dreamed of doing!! I am so excited to get started! But, I am moving slowly – mostly because I can only type with 9 fingers currently . . it is much slower and can get painful. I am counting this as good time to slow down and do this properly though! I’ve been working on outlines and rearranging ideas so that I end up with great books!!

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