Goal versus Pain

Today was the first day of my physical therapy for my finger. I know this will all hurt. The purpose of this is to unstick parts of my finger that have been stuck together. So, obviously breaking apart some insides of my finger does not sound pleasant. But, I was ready! I mean, I want to get back to normal! So, let’s do it!

Except, I was under the impression that today would be more of a consultation/set-up the plan type of appointment. I was a bit surprised when we jumped right in.

I will say, my hand lady is very nice. I know she wasn’t trying to hurt me. She kept watching my face to see my pain level. And sometimes I think I need to be more expressive about pain. That’s really not my style though. She remarked about my high pain tolerance and I thought to myself, Yeah it’s high and you’re pushing it! But, again, this is what I need! I need to get better!

Now I’m supposed to do these things 5 to 6 times a day. I was mentally prepared for some pain here. Not quite 5 to 6 times of day of the pain of moving around the insides of my finger. But, this is the road to recovery, so let’s roll!

Tonight I am thankful for the end goal of a full range of motion! I am keeping my eye on the prize and ibuprofen within reach! And I will be there soon! My hand lady is thinking no more than four weeks, so that’s the goal!

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