2023 Goal #1 – Check!

One of the dreams/goals that have been rolling around in my head for years has been to be able to help people stay thankful in their own lives. A couple readers of my blog have started their own blogs over the years, and it has been exciting! But, it is hard to stay on track! Seriously, there have been several times over the years that I have had to drag myself here to write because I was tired or moody or pouting and just didn’t feel like writing about being thankful about something!

In my electronic folder, I even found an attempt of mine from four years ago to make a template/worksheet to help people be thankful. The “secret sauce” that I have found with this blog and the change that it made in my life was the in-depth digging to be able to write more than a word or a sentence of what I was thankful for. I am a natural story-teller, writer, etc. If it can be difficult for someone like me; it would seem insurmountable for someone like, well for instance, like one of my kiddos who thinks using full sentences and writing in general is a rare form of torture.

With my kiddo in mind as a representative of the overall public, I wrote and deleted, wrote and deleted, and wrote and deleted; to finalize a Thankful Journal! Momma’s Silver Lining Thankful Journal to be exact!! As I am writing this, only the hardcover is available. But the paperback version should be available by tomorrow or Sunday! If you are interested, check it out by clicking on the book below!

Tonight I am thankful for this journal coming to life! It is meant to be helpful, easy, and not overwhelming!

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