No Boxing

You’ve heard the craze of Un-Boxing – the video trend where you watch people open their boxes? Well, I’d like to welcome you to No-Boxing! This is where I deliberately do not box something up! Exciting! Riveting! Right?

Well, it is to me! See, Christmas season of 2021 I purchased a usb charging cable with Christmas lights off Amazon. I loved it! When Christmas was over I boxed it away and forgot about it. I was very happy to see it again this Christmas!

Although the moment was happy when I had pulled this from the Christmas box, I no longer think it is worth it to put it away for 11 months, just to get excited when I pull it out of a box next November/December. So, I’m not boxing it up!

I may in a few months. I actually did some searching on Amazon and they have a few other options that aren’t specifically Christmas lights. But I’m not ready for those yet.

Tonight I am thankful for No-Boxing my Christmas light USB charging cable!! The lights are so happy! 🙂

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