Mediocre Coffee

I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like it. But, we are opening a coffee shop in Jackson!!!

The “why” behind this is more real estate based. It not due to a love of coffee. So, we wanted the expectations set accordingly . . hence Mediocre Coffee was born!!!

We aren’t ready for our Mediocre Opening just yet. Per the city, we should be there soon. Our mediocre menu will have coffee and pre-packaged food. We may only be open for two to three hours on Saturday . . very mediocre!

We are excited about our website! After we were so aptly named, the ideas started pouring. We didn’t get too excited, that wouldn’t fit our theme of mediocracy. Please check it out! We’d love feedback! Make sure and check out our Shop! Click on the logo below.

Tonight (and I can’t believe a non-coffee drinker like me is writing this) I am thankful for Mediocre Coffee! We are going to have some fun with this!

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