A Coat

We have this little old lady doggie. She gets so cold outside. And she is so old, that a person has to feel pity on her!

A few years back we got her this coat. She loves her coat!

Our four year old doggie likes that the coat has a hood, he seems to think that he can use the hood like a leash and try to pull her around.

Unfortunately our two year old doggie somehow forgot about the coat from last winter to this winter. And she seemed to believe that the coat was attacking our little old lady doggie! She went totally protective trying to get the coat off of her!

Tonight I am thankful that my kiddo was still outside with the doggies when we saw what was going on. He was able to grab up the little doggie and we took her coat off of her before anything got out of control! Everyone is ok! And the new rule is that the coat can only be worn when the little doggie goes out by herself!

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