Buttering Up

Oh my silly kiddos!

I do try to be a fair mom. I know I tend to go a little on the strict side. But, I do try to be reasonable!

My favorite analogy is one that I’ve heard Dave Ramsey use. Imagine a rope between myself and my kiddos. When I can trust them, I let the rope out a little and they get a little more freedom. If they prove themselves to be untrustworthy, then I pull the rope in tighter and they lose freedoms.

This method works well. But, it does leave a lot up to my discretion. So, sometimes when a kiddo thinks they’ve been doing good; but they aren’t quite sure if they are pushing boundaries, I get a message like this one. I think I’m going to frame these and hang them up 🙂 I know this was sent to try to butter me up to get a “yes” for the question. But, I still like it 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for kiddos who are pretty trustworthy! I am proud of each one of my kiddos and the people they are becoming! ❤️ And I am also thankful for texts like this that let me just pretend for a minute that this was sent out of the blue as a “just because” 😁

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