I’ve been informed by my teenagers that my texts come off aggressive. I have known for some time that my emails can come off cold and snarky. That may be why I am an over-use of emoji’s maybe? Because I really don’t mean to come off aggressive, cold, or snarky!

Except . . some times I actually do write snarky emails on purpose! Like today. I had to jump thru some hoops for some city stuff. And I was irritated because I asked a month ago if anything was needed.

I mean, sure, this could have waited until tomorrow. But, for my own peace, I wanted this taken care of before Monday. I researched and got everything ready today. It took a few hours to get everything that was requested. Then I had to attach it all to an email. Hmmm . . I had to write an email, feeling irritated and annoyed.

Normally I would shoot the message to my mom to have her proofread and make sure I wasn’t doing anything I’d regret. Tonight I had a kiddo proofread for me!

Tonight I am thankful for proofreaders of my messages! My life surely is calmer than the storm I would stir up with my words without my proofreaders to soften my messages! 😁🤣

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