Lightbulb Moment

The past year or so has been a learning experience for me in terms of business. With our move to our current office, the dynamic shifted. I really thought that I was doing good. But, it became glaringly obvious that I was not doing as good as I thought.

I was on an Entreleadership zoom when another business owner talked about starting meetings with prayer. And this seemed like such an obvious thing that we were missing! I’ve always prayed over and about my businesses. Why didn’t I bring that aspect in with the office? Maybe because I don’t generally lead prayers and my prayer time could be compared to a teenager talking to their friend. So the thought didn’t really fly to the front of my mind.

But, at our last meeting, we started with prayer. I knew that this was a step in the right direction. Now, I know it even more . . on Sunday, the sermon talked about Solomon gathering the leaders of the army and leaders in politics, and all the leaders to pray together. I mean, it’s right there in writing!

There are a few other dynamics that I want to shift this year, starting with me. And we will get it done!

Tonight I am thankful for the power of prayer! I am thankful that God has always been a main part of my businesses, even when I forgot to include him at the office! And I am thankful for yet another chance to fix my mistakes! I sure am thankful that God never runs out of 2nd chances for us!

PS, Can I throw in that I am thankful for having a good hair day? It actually did something! My hair doesn’t usually like to do anything but lay lifeless on my head. I mean, it did a little wave, and a little body, on a Monday no less!

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