While Waiting

I brought some things to do while waiting for my kiddo’s surgery today. I was expecting the waiting.

I wasn’t expecting the sweet person who was being discharge from another floor, and had the orderly wheel them to the operating floor to share a gift basket with the nurses!

I wasn’t expecting the lady behind the desk who was patient and caring to everyone there, regardless of their attitudes.

I wasn’t expecting the nursey type chimes that rang out throughout the hospital and the lady behind the desk shared that a baby had been born ❤️

I wasn’t expecting the other people in the waiting room to be so understanding when one was was snoring and one lady’s kiddo got tired of waiting.

Tonight I am thankful that in a hospital waiting room today, I not only got some things written out, but I also was blessed with seeing niceness in others ❤️ Sometimes being in this world doesn’t allow a person to see a lot of niceness from others, but today it did!

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