Thank You

I have this kiddo who likes to argue about things. Shocking, right? 😂

Lately we’ve had some more in depth talks about why things are the way that they are. I know teenagers tend to argue just for fun. Let’s be honest, sometimes I argue just for fun. I did state this week that I am basically a ten year old. But, I digress. When the arguing gets to the point of making grey hairs sprout on my head, we talk a little more.

A part of growing up is gaining understanding. So, although I know that the kiddo knows why I say No, he can’t spend his own money on fast food every day; when the arguing gets to be an every-meal occurrence, then we start talking about budgets, health, and diet. Because maybe, just maybe, if he understood things a little more in depth, he would argue less. Sometimes, a person just wants to go thru a drive-thru and be quickly served some a burger and fries just because! I totally get it! But, we were far beyond that level!

Tonight I am thankful that after these talks this week, when I finally let my kiddo spend his money on a Hot & Ready pizza today, he said Thank You. It wasn’t an immediate, reactionary thank you to be polite. It was two or three slices in, as he was reflecting on his pizza and his ability to buy it today. And I received a heart-felt thank you ❤️

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