Last Christmas, like 2021, I tried to talk the hubster in to getting a cat for a kiddo. Now, anyone who knows us, knows that we already have a lot of kitty cats. But, we had lost a kitty due to illness. And that kitty had been the one who slept with my kiddo every night. Alas, the hubster could not be swayed.

Fast forward from Christmas to the end of last January and my parents had a cat who needed a home asap! The kitty’s human mom had passed away. My parents were so excited to get the kitty, under the assumption that she was declawed. She wasn’t. Being on blood thinners, they couldn’t have a kitty in the house that could make them bleed. The kitty had been thru so much and needed an immediate home.

The timing was right and Miss Abby came to our house. She lived the first few months only my kiddo’s room. They bonded immediately. This kitty has character! Her and my kiddo are perfect for each other. And today is Abby’s, (nicknamed Abe) Gotcha Day! She’s been with us for one whole year! She now roams the whole house in confidence and fits right in!

Tonight I am thankful for a kitty named Abby! She showed up needing a human, just as much as my human needed a kitty! ❤️

Oh, did I mention that she loves to play? 🤣

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