Pity Party Over

I really feel entitled to throw a fit. Looks at how tired I am. I mean . . I almost didn’t share this picture! This was not how I was supposed to spend my Sunday! This was supposed to be all done on Saturday. Please indulge my pity-party . . it’s almost over.

And Now. Now. It is over. Pity party ended because . . .

Tonight I am thankful that the floors in our rental unit are done. Well, I may do one more coat . . but, I don’t have to. They can be good as they are. Isn’t it a good color? It is the one on my hand there.
I am thankful that I still had time to get groceries for the week.
I am thankful that I slept in until almost 8, when I was going to get up at 6.
I am thankful that my family came and helped with the floors.
And I am thankful that I have more ibuprofen here at home . . I had ran out earlier today.

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