I was feeling much less than 100% today. Most of the day was spent in a haze. I’ll tell you the truth, and it is not a self-pity moment or anything, I promise. The truth is that people don’t care if the appraiser gets sick. When people are trying to buy a house with a loan, and the appraisal is due back on a certain date, people get angry if they don’t see their appraisal! I have had a handful of clients in the past eighteen years who were understanding, but they are few and far between.

Today, what should have taken me about an hour and a half took me approximately six(ish) hours. But I did it!

Tonight I am thankful that my job can let me work from home. I worked out of my home for 90% of this career (not counting the appointments to the actual houses). So it worked out good today to stay in my sweatpants, in front of my heater, while trying to get my brain to work! 🙂 Now, I’ve taken more vitamins and I’m going back to bed!

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