Creative Time

Today was a coffee shop day. Every Saturday from 7 to 10 is Mediocre Coffee time!

This morning I felt so #trending or cliche, whatever the right term is . . . But, I was working on writing a book while being at the coffee shop 🙂 I have two books planned for this year. Right now I am working on “Confessions of a Real Estate Appraiser”. It will be a tell-all of the people who leave out their underwear in their homes! Nah, I’m just kidding!! Ya’ll I will keep your secrets! And your undies aren’t the worst of what I see! The book will be much better than that.

Tonight I am thankful for coffee shop time this morning to be thoughtful and creative!

Oh, and the second book will be a collection of top blogs over the past decade! I’m excited for that! I’ve been waiting for the right time for this for years!

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