Today I have started to feel more human again. I did need to stop and take naps. And what I’ve known throughout this is the severity of this sicky attack is partially my fault.

I had thoughts of writing this long, informational blog. But, I’m tired. So, you get the recap version. This is information I’ve shared before over the years. But, some things I like to reshape because people need to know! So, here is the abridged version:

  • Many years ago, started having fibroid tumors on my uterus
  • Didn’t like the medical options
  • Did some digging and found family female issues of low thyroid
  • Kept digging and found a medical study connecting low thyroid, hormones, and tumors
  • Talked to doctor about thyroid stuff and didn’t care for options
  • Researched more and found natural food highest in iodine to help thyroid is Kelp by a huge percent.
  • Ordered Kelp on Amazon in a capsule and started taking daily
  • Tumors disappeared – proving to me that this was all correct.
  • Take kelp for years. Fast forward and find that immunity goes down in a fair percentage of women with cycle stuff. Made sense with me. Started adding more immunity vitamins on a regular basis.
  • Move to new house and completely fall out of my routine. I’m not a very “routine” type person. So, I probably should have been more intentional here.
  • Only sporadic Kelp and basically no extra vitamins for two months left me vulnerable and my body weak. This same bug that my kids kicked in a say or so has left me an exhausted sickly zombie for days!

Tonight I am thankful that today I was starting to feel a bit better. Tomorrow I will feel even more better. And I am thankful for new renewed ambition and incentive to take care of myself and give my body what it needs!!!

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