You know, it can be seen as a blessing to follow an exhausted body’s lead and rest. There are many days when I am doing something from the time I get up until the time I lay back down. I do like to stay busy, but too many of those days in a row can be too much.

Today I took a shower, tidied up the bathroom, went to the office, schooled my homeschooling kiddo, attended a closing, and came home to nap and rest for the rest of the day. It is way less than most of my days. But feels pretty fulfilled because that was all the energy and brain space I had today.

Honestly, at this point I’m remembering conversations about mono symptoms being something that can flare up years after having it. Who knows if I stressed my body out that much to go that far, time will tell I guess. But at this point the level of “sick” has diminished and this exhaustion is the predominant life hold up. I would Google or get tested if I cared more. Right now I am good with resting!

Tonight I am thankful for the time to rest. I have been remembering a little better to pray and put my businesses in God’s hands. Over the years, it has been miraculous how my business schedule can fit in to what my personal life needs. It is nothing I could plan! I need to work on my faith concerning my health as much too! I’m always a work in progress!

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