A Laugh

Have I talked before about our family quote list? It is kept on my kiddos phone. It is at least two years in the making.

Although there are no “rules”. The quotes all are specifically funny and were in situations that may or may not have been relevant to what was said. Here are some gems:

“Idk if the car will fit.” “Think skinny thoughts everyone” “SALAD”

“Capital P, assword, 1234. That didn’t come out right” “most people say a-word, but okay” *wheezes*

“Hey guys who watched Double Jeopardy with me?” “I did once or twice”

“Is that gluten free?” <points at bacon> “yeah, it’s bacon” “awwh” <turns to leave> “Umm” “Yeah, I know. I just realized”

Tonight I am thankful for our family quote list. It is always good for a laugh!

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