Oh my, I’ve been sitting here for close to an hour now. I’ve written a few things and deleted them.

There are definitely things that I am thankful for today! Sometimes it is hard to put them in to words. Well, at least words that should go in a blog.

From my place in our family, I can see disconnects between family members. Tonight I watched as one family member hurt another’s feelings. It wasn’t ill intentioned, but the words chosen were absolutely horrible!

I talked with the one who said the words and it took a little to get thru how the words were received. Pride had to be set aside. Then we talked with the other family member. And to reach a compromise between these two sweet, loveable, and absolutely completely stubborn-butt people, things had to be re-iterated and explained in a variety of ways. But, in the end, feelings were saved and a compromise reached!

Tonight I am thankful that my Mom taught me how to understand things from different points of view and how to mediate. Those skills have came in handy so much as a Mom myself now! And I am very thankful that both of my loved ones have realized how much they are loved and cared about, while keeping the peace and maintaining their own convictions. Now, I’ve earned my bedtime!!

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