My Heart

There are many dogs who have a place in my heart. My doggies growing up are irreplaceable.

Once an adult, I had Bruno – he was my furry kid, my buddy, and my protector. Then we had Molly – my kiddo protector, sweatheart, and intimidator of strangers.

Bruno and Molly had Angel – the biggest baby and constant pain in the butt. She could be sweet, but most people thought she was a rescue due to her behavior. Nope, she was just a 100 pound Pitbull/Rottweiler mix born with the character of a scared 2 year old kid.

Calypso came to us as an adult. She is the old wise one of our current group ❤️ We added Henry after Angel passed away. He is near-sighted and therefore paranoid. I wish they made doggie glasses.

I needed a dog who could be the protector again. Calypso is too little and old. Henry is too unreliable with the vision issue. So we got Minnie almost two years ago. She is my girl. Sweet, protective, strong, in sync with my concerns, and very smart. She quickly became our alpha female of our little doggie herd.

Tonight I am thankful for all the doggies I have known. And tonight I am especially thankful for Minnie. After her nap earlier she needed some love before going out to assess and protect her family from anything unknown ❤️

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