Up Together

I sometimes refer to the hubster and I as high school sweethearts. I don’t know if we really count though. I was in high school. He wasn’t. He is four years older than me. We started dating right before I turned 17. I was 16. He was 21.

Even with the age gap, we were fairly close on maturity. I dare say I might have been a little more mature – he may agree, or maybe I’m remembering from my point of view 🤣. The point I’m getting at is that we BOTH had a lot of growing up to do still.

There is a difficulty to marriage. Setting healthy boundaries can be extremely hard. Remembering to let go of the little things, accepting the other person for who they are, prioritizing when to let things go and when to work until a compromise is met; it’s all hard. Then throw in the mix that the two people also have to grow up together without growing apart; it’s hard. It takes an extreme drive to never quit, to always communicate, to compromise a lot, to learn to work together, and to never hold back on love.

If you would have asked me at 18, when I first got engaged, I would have said it wouldn’t be that hard. Of course we could do it! I say “first got engaged” because that engagement didn’t last. We broke up and were engaged a second time before getting married. We were still learning!

I don’t want this to seem to self-centered because this blog is actually meant to be about my kiddo. But, it is easier to put my own stuff online! I won’t violate the privacy of my kiddo.

All this to say, tonight I am thankful that my kiddo and my soon to be kiddo-in-law (although I won’t call him that, he’ll just be added to my kiddo collection!) work to grow up together. They work on communicating. They work on compromising. They are still learning. They will keep on learning. And I will keep on praying for them! It is easy to get mad, hurt, offended, and self-centered. It is harder to be patient, accepting, understanding, and supportive. These two can do it. Their love is visible. And they’ll keep working to be strong together ❤️

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