Meant to Be?

There is a park in Michigan that has the marker(s) that were used when the state was originally measured off in to townships, sections, etc. I’ve been to this park before. And I’ve heard the history. The first market was placed and measurements were started. Then some time went by, and when the measuring people came back, they couldn’t find the first market. So they made a second market to measure the state from.

It didn’t dawn on me until today how much I totally fit as a Michigander! I mean, kind of. First of all, I wouldn’t have started the “middle” in a swamp. Both of these markers are in a swampy area. It is so close to a non-swampy area; I would have called it the middle of the state as a drier area. But hey, to each their own!

But, I definitely fit with the second group that came out and couldn’t find the first market. So they just got to the general area and said, “Hey, this is close enough. Let’s begin!”. That is SO something that I would do! I am not always a detail person!

Tonight I am thankful for a nice walk in the woods today! I am also thankful for realizing that I fit my state a little more than I already thought! 🙂 *But, I’m still not opposed to the thought of a being a snow-bird in my elder years and heading south in the winter! 😁

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