I have heard it said that the closest pain to child birth is kidney stones. As a woman who has given birth four times with no pain medicine AND has had kidney stones, I can confidently report that child birth is a whole heck of a lot more painful!! I will state that the kidney stones that I get aren’t as horrible as some people get. So maybe I can’t super confidently report anything . . I don’t know. Anyway . .

That being said, kidney stones are no fun either. I’ve had one major one that required surgery. And a few smaller ones over the years that I never went in to the doctor for.

Sadly or stupidly . . depending on how you view me . . I’m ok with stupidly, I cause this! I knew this was coming. I wasn’t drinking enough water. I wasn’t drinking enough of anything anyway. And I was drinking soda stream, which I’ve noticed more of a reaction with.

When I realized how many days I had been without being nice to my body, I did take some cranberry pills. But, sadly, too little, too late. So yes, I knew it was coming. I could feel it coming. Then this morning, PAIN!

Tonight I am thankful that loads of cranberry, ibuprofen, water, and some rest and I was able to continue on with my day. And now I’ve taken more ibuprofen, cranberry, water, and will rest some more. I will be good as new in no time!

Do I have to credit thing here? Photo credit: Friends 🙂

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