Mr Marketplace Man

My kiddo and I ventured out in to the snow tonight! There was a camper that had her intrigued. My friend the home inspector, shout out to Darrin Card of Card Inspection Services, came out to help look the camper. 🙂

We got there and the dude had just updated the listing to say SOLD and wouldn’t answer the door. 🙄 Very not cool Mr Marketplace Man!

Tonight, instead of being upset about the trailer guy, I am thankful that the snow was pretty! I am thankful for Card Inspection Services for coming out, ready to help my kiddo ensure that a potential purchase was good. I am thankful for the heads up on another potential camper! And I am very thankful that the very same kiddo had bean soup in the crockpot all day that we enjoyed once we got back home!
OH, and of course, thankful that we got home safely in all the snow! 😁

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