Dear Monday,

Dear Monday,
I gave you all I had. You took all my brain power with work stuff. You took all my brain power with homeschool stuff.
You took my physical energy with appraising a house in the slushy rain and grocery shopping. I mean, I didn’t start with 100% energy today. But you Monday, you still took all I had. I took a quick power nap before Ninja. Then the rest of my energy was gone as well.
I didn’t have much emotional energy. But Monday, you took my emotions also.
I am done with you Monday. I’ve given you all I had.

Tonight I am thankful that I can say I gave today my all! And now, I am going off to bed. I have absolutely earned it!!! Good night all!

PS here is my yummy dinner. My kiddo browned this burger for later use. And I took a bowl of it! YUMMY!! 🙂 I may be the only one who enjoys cooked burger so much, but I do!

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