Changing Goals

One thing I am fantastic at, is setting goals. Another thing I am great at, is changing/adjusting the goals!

Wednesday was a great goal to have the house listed! But, the hubster has pushed himself so much that his knee swelled up and he is currently snoring loudly on the couch. I have pushed myself so much that my right hand . . ya know, the one I wrote about with the injury and the physical therapy . . can barely move right now.

I spent five hours today on the countertops. FIVE HOURS of using my right hand to do detailed work on refinishing a countertop. I will say that I am pleased with the results. I have put on my doTerra Deep Blue Rub on my wrist and hand. And I am taking my Deep Blue capsules and ibuprofen, so hopefully I am as good as new in the morning. But, I may be limited tomorrow.

Tonight I am thankful for changing goals! This change is not huge!! Only a few more days will be added! We are SO CLOSE! But, it is NOT worth injuring ourselves! 😁

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