Plan D

The kiddos have been helping with the preparations to get the house listed in our longest-move-ever. I have been putting off requests for bowling for a few weeks now. Tonight I finally said yes. But, we had to get work done first.

They were excited. And I ended up letting friends go. But, the hubster stayed to keep working on the house. So, it was myself and seven teenagers. We got to the bowling alley and found they had about a two hour wait to bowl! Ouch!

Plan B was pizza at Klavons. We went there. There was an hour wait there. Ouch!

Plan C was A&W. Google said they were open until eight. We pulled in their parking lot . . . they were closed.

Plan D was ordering take-out pizza from Hungry Howies. We stopped at the farm store and gawked at the baby chicks! We went next door to Family Dollar and got supplies to have our own fun! We picked up the pizza, went to the office, turned on Scooby Doo, set up our own bowling alley with Jenga blocks and small toy sports balls! We blew bubbles! And we even went fishing with plastic fish 🙂

Tonight I am thankful that there are always more plans after Plan A! The teenaged kiddos all seemed to have fun! So I call the evening a success! 🙂

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