I have had a plan for awhile. See, I’ve noticed that when people get older, things are blamed on their age. If they forget to do something, it is because they are older. If they give wrong information, it is because they are older. If they can’t remember certain events, people, etc, it is because they are older.’

Well, I already do all of those things. Regularly.

So, for some time now, I have pointed these things out to my children and ask them to remember that I have always been like this. Then, when I turn elderly, they will know that my mind is still as intact as it always has been . . good or bad! 🤣

The funny thing is that I was thinking about writing this blog this way. Then my laptop was acting weird. I even restarted the computer. This annoyed me because it just did an update and restarted like a day or two ago. It restarted and then it was STILL not acting right!! Until it dawned on me that I have a pile of things sitting on the laptop keyboard because I have a separate keyboard plugged in that I am typing on. Oops! My pile was pushing buttons on the laptop making it act up! Oops!

Tonight I am thankful that I have kids who will hopefully remember that I just do silly things! I think I am entertaining! Maybe endearing?! Yes, we will definitely put this all in a good light! 😁🤣

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