I have been fighting for patience and . . well, more patience. Getting frustrated would be so easy, with not being able to use my hands/wrists/arms like I normally can. This is so much more especially true when trying to finish a project!!

We’ve been waiting for stain on wood floors to dry, hoping that maybe it would look better once dried. But, no. We must have gotten bad stain because it made the wood floor look horrible. The frustration of now being behind schedule again and having to spend more than what was budgeted for, ugh, the frustration is real.

Today I went back to Menards. I brought my girl kiddos with me. And they were my muscle! Trim, wood, and lots of flooring! They loaded it all up for me, while I sat in the driver’s seat and played on my phone. Then they unloaded it back at the house!

Tonight I am thankful for the strength of my kiddos! They were of great help today! Tomorrow they will be of more help as we push on with getting this house ready to sell!

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