I have been cutting my own hair since I was a teenager. I have never had my hair cut at a salon. Some of ya’ll might be thinking that I’m about due. But, oh well.

I remember a time that I thought about going in. I ended up chickening out. At least if I am unhappy with I do to myself, I won’t be too disgruntled. I know that I try my best, so I move on about my day!

I hadn’t really been thinking about cutting my hair. But, this morning I looked at it and thought it was time. So, about four inches later, my hair is cut!

Tonight I am thankful that I did a pretty good job with my impromptu, five minute haircut this morning! I asked the hubster if the back of my hairs looked even when I came out of the bathroom, and he said he thought so. A kiddo thought I missed just one spot. But, overall, I think I’m good!

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