Before and After

Can we start with disclaimers? Don’t look at the keyboard! I need to clean it! Ignore the scars on my hands, I don’t remember what they are all from. And . . well, I should probably use moisturizer.

Ok, now we are left with the topic of the blog. Look at my nails! In my “before” picture, there are five broken nails . . . FIVE!!! And I hadn’t painted my nails, or removed the old nail polish in weeks. What a sad looking hand!

Now, look at the hand on the right in the “after” picture! All the nails are trimmed and the nail polish is all sparkly and nice!

Tonight I am thankful for taking a few minutes to fix my nails up a bit! I keep glancing at my nails now 🙂 It is funny how one little thing can make a person smile about themselves!

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