I rarely admit my age publicly. I don’t truly have a problem with it. It’s just a fun game 🙂 So, here I am, I am over 40; I’m not really 29. Shocking, isn’t it?

No matter a person’s age though, a person is never too old to feel like a teenager on their first day of school! And that is how I felt this morning. I am pretty aware that I operate differently than a large percentage of the Realtor population. On a day to day basis, I truly don’t care; in fact I pride myself on being different. But, going in to a room with over a thousand other Realtors kind of makes me want to blend in a little bit. Not a lot! Just a little bit.

So, I wore my big-girl dress up pants. I wore my big-girl dress up blazer. I wore my shirt that makes me feel professional. And I wore my jewelry that my daughter helped me pick out before I left! Yep, I was thinking that I certainly looked the part of a grown up Realtor!

Tonight I am thankful that I truly know that appearances make absolutely no difference. One of my top Realtors to work with in my market wears jeans and swears like a sailor; but the guy is as honest as can be! So I greatly appreciate him! For today, I am also thankful that I did blend in with the other Realtors! It just made the day a little easier!
OH! I am also thankful that I learned some good things today! There were some greatly inspiring things! I am excited and have so many ideas!

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