There are a few things in my life that I knew that I was supposed to do without any doubt. Like, the kind of knowing that is as certain as me knowing I have brown hair. This conference that I went to was one of those things. I have never felt like I should be at a real estate conference before. Some of them looked interesting, but that was about it. This one though, I just knew I needed to go. I talked with the hubster and made my reservations. And, this past Thursday I made the trip. And I was there for Friday’s seminar!

At the seminar, there were four sessions. All four were excellent!! Session number three was why I was supposed to be there!

I’ve been praying and patiently trying to figure out what to do with an idea. I know now that it is God’s idea, and I’m pretty sure I was questioning things because I have already tried to take this idea and run with it. I tend to do that. I rush ahead of God’s timing quite regularly. It is a struggle.

Tonight I am thankful for the message and information delivered at the conference yesterday! There will be some months before I share a ton more about this new endeavour. I have to get some other business stuff changed and running more efficiently to make room for this as well. But, it will be great! And in the mean time, I can plan more intentionally!

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