Puppy Papers

Picture it, December, 2022. I am standing in a line to check out at Kohls. They were short staffed, which was ok. But, I had some time to stand there and look around. I saw a notebook in the shape of our dog Kippy!! I thought, Hmmm, I could always use another notebook! And this one looked like Kippy!!! I picked it up from the shelf, turned it over and read the price. I don’t remember now, but it was something crazy like close to $20 I think. Although it was cute, I put it back. I have literally dozens of notebooks that I’ve collected. I could not justify over-paying for one, even if it was cute.

This morning I ran to Dollar General for a few things before church. I was kind-of hurrying thru the aisles as I looked for the items I wanted. I turned a corner and found a notebook that looked like Kippy!!!! It was smaller than the one at Kohls. But, it was only ONE DOLLAR!!!

Tonight I am thankful for my new Kippy notebook!! Isn’t it cute?!?! 😁❤️

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