Eeek! Can I share something with you? Of course I can 🙂

We received an offer on our house! The longest-move-in-history may be coming to an end soon!

After only two days of showings, we got a really good offer. The hubster has one of the terms that he isn’t super happy about. He’s gonna sleep on it. Then we’re gonna chat again in the morning. I think he’s going to take the advice of his super smart realtor/wife and accept the offer 😁

Tonight I am thankful for an offer on our house! To solidify this as the longest-move-in-history, I looked up the listing date of our new house. When it came up for sale last year we were on vacation. When we came home we walked thru the house and put in our offer. From the listing date of our new house to the contract closing date on this offer, it is just over one year. No wonder we all are so tired!! ❤️

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