Specific Prayers

Sometimes I pray for God to pretty much beat me over the head to get thru to me. That is seriously my prayer. I am very stubborn and sometimes a bit hard headed. I try to work on this, but some things are a constant battle.

Sunday I was sitting in church and the message was about praying specifically for things. God wants to bless us – I know this. God wants us to pray about things and trust him – I know this. God wants to help us with everything – I know this. YET, somehow, I hadn’t prayed about a buyer for the house that we’d been working on!! I pray for my clients. I prayed about the house itself. But praying for a buyer hadn’t crossed my mind.

Sunday was the first round of showings on the house. Monday was some more. Monday a Veggie Tale meme crossed my screen about praying and believing God for things. Now my selfish prayer would be a buyer with cash who wanted to close in two weeks 🙂 🙂 But, instead, I prayed more the right way. I prayed for a buyer who would be blessed by our house; and who would be blessing to the house itself. That was the right prayer. ❤️

That was yesterday. Then the offer came in. I did some online snooping, and the more I found about these people; the more I see how they are great buyers for this house. I believe, from what I can see online, that they will be so blessed by this house! And I have faith that they will be a blessing to the house too.

Tonight I am thankful for God reminding me to pray specifically about things, “You do not have, because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives . . ” James 4: 2-3.
Tonight I am also thankful for the right buyers for our house. My heart has peace with this ❤️

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