Some of my “Facebook Memories” are kind of bleh. Sometimes they give a small chuckle. Sometimes they are quite touching. And sometimes they are wonderful!

It was two years ago tomorrow that we officially bought the office building!! Look at this picture! We’ve redone the roof and added side overhangs. We’ve removed the chimneys. We replaced the windows! We’ve done some other stuff too. And now that a lot of the big things are done, we’re on a renovation/repair budget of one big thing per year because Sheesh, that was a lot! We knew the building needed a little love ❤️

Our first day in the office was more like a year and a half ago. The office had a lease in place when we bought it. So we had to wait patiently for awhile. But, I think this is still an anniversary worth celebrating!

Tonight I am thankful that two years ago tomorrow, we bought our office building!! It has been a blessing to us and others! And I’m sure it will continue to be a blessing for years to come!

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