Below you see the cover of my latest endeavor! It is a book about insider real estate stuffs! I am excited for it 🙂

I was using my quiet mornings at Mediocre Coffee to work on this. Since Mediocre Coffee’s building got sold, I haven’t written anything. I have carried this around with me with good intentions of writing. But, nope, nothing.

It has dawned on me that my best writing for a project like this is in the morning, early morning when everything is quiet. After a good night’s sleep, my mind is rested and ready to think. This morning I got up while others were sleeping, and got some writing done!

I think my goal is a minimum of one morning a week for writing. Being practical, which is not always my strongest attribute, I know that most of the week day mornings will not get my attention. If I get up on those mornings, I may be working on work or lessons stuff for my homeschooler. So, although I’d rather make a goal to write more than once a week, I am trying to make an attainable goal. If I end up writing more than once a week, then Woo Hoo!

Tonight I am thankful for getting back to writing my book! When I told my Mom the title, she said that she can’t wait to read it 🙂 My plan is a June release at the latest. This would involve more than one morning a week of writing, but I’m sure that some weeks will have more opportunities for writing! 🙂

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