Last Time

Yesterday I picked up a kiddo and took him to an appointment. From there we went to the school for a practice. Later I noticed that his ipad was still in my car. I brought it inside last night, set it on the table and said to the kiddo, “Here is your ipad that was left in my car”. He said thank you and stared back at the tv.

Fast forward to this morning. The kiddo went to school. Just a short time later I got a message from him asking if I would please bring his ipad to school. I asked him: the same ipad that I brought in last night and pointed out to you? He said yes with a laughing emoji.

I drove it to school. This child is technically an adult at this point. He could have went without his ipad and suffered. I could have made him drive home and get it. But, I didn’t.

I forget things. And I’m an adult. I’ve had people bring me things that I’ve forgotten. In a few weeks I won’t get a chance to help this kiddo like this again. So I helped him. I, of course, told the office ladies the story of the ipad so they could give him a hard time. Because, I’m still the mom and feel the need to get the point across to pay more attention and/or make good morning routines to prevent forgetfulness . . . that’s just what mom’s do! 😁

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to be there for my kiddo, for what had better be the last time ever of bringing something to school that was forgotten! I hope he always knows that I’ve always got his back when he needs me. And I’ll always be rooting for him no matter what ❤️

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