Ah creepy people of the internet . . they are such good reminders on why keeping up with privacy things are important.

Today I posted some things on Facebook marketplace for sale. Not a big deal. I’ve done this before numerous times. Just a short time later I received a message from someone asking about appraisals. I mean, it is in my Facebook bio that I am an appraiser. And I do get business from social media. But this one seemed sketchy right from the beginning.

I change my profile and cover photos more than a lot of people. I just like to change things around. I do know that these photos are visible to the public. What I had forgotten to do lately was to go in to my settings and click “Limit Past Posts”. See, when you limit your past posts, only the current profile pic and cover pic are visible to the public. If you haven’t clicked the Limit Past Posts in awhile, and you change these pictures often like I do, your last several profile pics and cover pics are visible to the public.

Creepy internet dude mentioned a trail I had been walking on and mentioned my kids. Oh . . creepy internet dude, don’t mention my kids; you don’t want to go there with me. There is a reason that I have shared less and less about my kiddos online over the years – creepy internet people! Sometimes it has been strangers being creepy internet people. And sometimes the reason has been people I’ve met in person that turn to the internet to show their creepy sides! In case you weren’t aware, yes teenagers do stalk other teenagers thru parent accounts – and that goes from a teenager being “friends” with a parent online, and the teenager getting on their own parent’s account to look at the friends list for a parent of the other teenager that they want to stalk. But, I digress.

Tonight I will be thankful for a good reminder to update my privacy stuff. Creepy internet dude is now blocked. And my cover photo is back to these happy binder people 🙂
PS. I’m keeping his info in case he decides to be creepy on other levels. Using real estate as his “ice breaker” wasn’t the smartest on his part. I’d already started a house file on him in case the sketchy vibes were wrong.

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